METRO Pakistan (Pvt) Limited now provides Online Shopping in Pakistan

Years of Offline Expertise is now here to serve you Online.

METRO Pakistan (Pvt) Limited has been serving Pakistani’s with quality and genuine items for over a decade now. Whatever you want, we have it. To ensure you get the best with the least of hassles, we launched our Grocery delivery services in Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad and Karachi. We are back with everything else, from phones to stationery, from fashion to beauty, we will deliver everything, everywhere.

Metro Online, the best online shopping experience in Pakistan

Metro-Online is here to provide online shoppers in Pakistan the same amount of commitment on quality right at Your doorstep. We take great pride in offering the best experience of online shopping by ensuring that you only receive genuine products. Rest assured, you will not have anything that comes from a Grey Market, is Used, is Defective, is Damaged. We will not give you anything that is of low quality, we will never give you anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves and we will surely never provide anything that you might want to return later.

With a number of marketplaces that sell the very same items from third party vendors with no control on quality or originality of the product, Metro will provide you items that have been bought directly from authorized dealers and suppliers themselves on a highly discounted rate.

Our Values

Our moto is to provide you experience that is SUSTAINABLE, items that are ORIGINAL, GENUINE and RELIABLE, shipping that is FASTER than light [figuratively of course ;] and an assortment that contains all CRUCIAL elements of all your buying needs.

What quality and reliability others can only test and promise you, we have proven over the course of last 10+ years. The best experience awaits you.

Our assortment range includes Genuine products from Multiple Categories
  • Small and Big Electronics for Home, Living, Kitchen
  • Mobile Phones, Laptops and Accessories
  • Fashion for Men, Women, Kids and Babies
  • Beauty, Makeup and Haircare
  • Home, Office and School Stationery
Growing E-Commerce Market in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the online sales are soaring year on year, we know you don’t want to visit the local stores in the hot weather. Most of Pakistan now understands the benefit and ease of online shopping, we are here to take this up a notch.

We aspire to be the one stop solution for all your needs, be it food, grocery, electronics or clothing. Providing a quality experience and a solid returns policy, in no time, we aspire to be the number one choice of Pakistan’s online shoppers.

Multiple Payment Methods
Online Payments

We have a wide range of online payment options, whether it’s just a credit or debit card or it’s your Jazz Cash mobile account, we have you covered.

Cash on Delivery (COD)

Don’t want to pay online, pay via cash instead. We can come collect right on your doorstep. Your ease is our key performance indicator.

Online Groceries (* Only in Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, and Karachi)

Buying groceries and household products in Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, and Karachi has never been easier. You don’t need to visit a store anymore, all your needs can be fulfilled via phone or a computer. Shop online, via card or cash on delivery, for a great variety of items including food, household cleaning, toiletries, personal hygiene and baby care.

Our Web Exclusive deals ensure you get the best prices via our special discount offers on fresh food and grocery such as meat (chicken, veal, mutton, beef, fish and other seafood), seasonal fruits and vegetables, household snacks, eggs, bread and other bakery items, ready to eat meals and packaged food. So sign up now and indulge in the amazing online shopping experience at Or download Metro Online grocery app on android/iOS. We provide free delivery over orders worth 2,000 rupees.

Grocery and Fresh Food

We provide freshest grocery right at your door step. To ensure quality and freshness of product, we offer you the convenience of Open Box delivery. You can check and even return anything you don’t find meeting your standards at the time of delivery. Your satisfaction is our motivation.

Baby Care and Baby Food

For new mothers who find it hard to shop with babies, Metro Online has a list of items in baby care category, including bath and shampoo, diapers and wipes, powders and lotions and even baby food. With renowned brands like Pampers, Johnson & Johnson, DermoViva and Huggies, Nestle Cerelac, Lectogrow along with products from Moringa, you can never go wrong.

Household cleaning and toiletries

Metro gives you the entire range of cleaning products needed in kitchen, toilet and for laundry purposes in just a few clicks. Detergents and laundry soaps, fabric care, dishwashing bars and liquids, toilet cleaners, tissues and napkins, air sprays and insecticides even O.T.C medicines and disposables. In short, you name it and we have it all.

Personal Hygiene

You can find everything in your personal care routine on Metro Online. Products for hair, skin, and oral care for both men and women can be delivered at your door step with just a few clicks.