Best Prices, Ultra Fresh, Extremely Fast

Here at Metro Online, we take great pride in quality and timely delivery services. Fresh delivery is our forte and we spend a lot of time to make sure you get the best quality in the fastest time.

Where would the item be delivered?

The item will be delivered on the address mentioned by you at the time of the delivery.

Freshness Guaranteed

We use specially made igloo boxes and eutectic plates to get you the freshest grocery. Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Fruits, Dairy or Frozen. Everything is handled with care. You can rest assured that the meat cubes you ordered will reach you in frozen boxes with the quality maintained.

Delivery to your apartment floor or in your kitchen

Metro Online reserves the right to deliver only to your front door. However, if you so require, the delivery team will bring the items to your apartment floor or even into your kitchen IF the following conditions are met

  • The driver has your explicit permission to enter your apartment building and come to your floor and/or enter your house.
  • Our driver believes your request is safe and practical.
Signing off delivery goods

All delivered goods are to be signed off by an adult at least 18 years of age. If no one is found at the point of delivery (delivery address), the team will take the items back and you will be required to contact customer services to arrange time for another delivery. In case the team has to come again for a second attempt, a surcharge will be payable by the customer. Whilst we make every possible effort to meet the target timeline of delivery, we will not be liable in case the agreed time is not met during the second attempt.

FREE delivery

We provide free delivery over all orders above PKR 2,500.

Open box delivery

One of the finest features of buying from us, is the open box delivery.

Multiple secure payment methods

We understand that money is something that needs to be moved securely. And to make sure that it is done with ease, we offer multiple payment methods to assist you.

Cash on Delivery
MPOS / Card on Delivery

No cash, no problem, just select MPOS as the payment method and our team will bring the MPOS machine to charge your credit or debit card instead.